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Sunday, June 5, 2016

Political Obfuscation

Years ago, my cousin ran for a local office. Although I didn't support their party affiliation, I knew they were more than capable of the job. Then, the process started.

The ads were horrific against their opponent. It was muckraking, conjecture, and outright attacks that left me wondering how my cousin could allow such dirty actions to continue.

They lost, but the process is seen in all elections today. Somewhere the true candidate is to be found, but the effort to find the candidate is a waste of time. To make things worse, too much of the information presented to voters is a Hollywood version of reality, and voters end up voting for hype, instead of substance.

Maybe the future will bring a demand for less glitter, honest reporting, and avoiding the candidates that are so willing to let their campaign obfuscate for a win, instead of what's right.


  1. you're so right..the politicians could not be more corrupt..sigh Pray for this once free and proud Nation my friend!!!

    1. In my cousin's situation, it was obvious they allowed their campaign staff to steer the campaign. For someone that didn't know my cousin, the commercials would indicate an inability to offer honest discourse, and an effort to sling mud, when there was nothing else to offer.

  2. Gresham's Law extended: good candidates are eventually driven out by bad candidates.

  3. the "muckraking, conjecture, and outright attacks" wouldn't work on an educated public. The future is a dark one I fear.

    1. That's true, but the general public drives down dilapidated streets and never bat an eye at the expenditures by local government officials for trees, pretty murals, or exorbitant "fact finding" trips.

      We pay Cadillac prices for Yugo politics. Intelligent people would classify that as ignorant at best, and insane at worst.