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Saturday, June 4, 2016

Rain and Physics

It rained all morning; adding more water to areas that can't take any more.

A pernicious cut-off low pressure area in the upper atmosphere adds lift to warm, moist air, with a constant supply from the Gulf of Mexico. The meandering of this low led it through a slow passage across Texas, where it now sits near Corpus Christi.

The accumulation of rain is over a dozen inches in some areas, and the outfalls are full. Saturated ground, like a sponge in the bottom of a bucket, offers nothing for helping with the accumulation, and even a half inch of rain adds thousands of gallons of water to a few thousand square feet.

I'm not terribly affected by the rain, although construction work is halted; but many are facing a flood they never envisioned. Houses are under water; rain swollen creeks are claiming lives; and the rain will continue for at least the next twelve hours.

The low is forecast to move into the Gulf, and on to the East. At this time of the year, that can mean a tropical system that thrives on the warm waters of the Eastern Gulf of Mexico.

The coast will have much rain, and Florida may experience some torrential rains; if not more.

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