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Thursday, January 18, 2018

The Aftermath

The final outcome of the last cold spell was sleet, a tiny bit of snow, and a very uncommon low of 16 degrees Wednesday morning. The clear skies allowed temperatures above freezing in the sun. In the shade, the temperatures hovered right at, or slightly above freezing. So, icicles stayed mostly complete.

This morning, it was 19 degrees. As of noon, it wasn't far above freezing in the shade, and a cloud bank is fast approaching from the southwest. Heating will soon be hampered, and tonight's forecast is for a low near, or slightly below freezing.

Wrecks were plentiful for those willing to brave the unsalted/unsanded overpasses and bridges. With unfrozen roads before the structures, incredible speeds were allowed before the point of tapping the brakes due to the lack of control.  A local community reported 100 ice related wrecks for the last two days.

I ventured out Tuesday night, after the freezing was well established. Since I live near an interstate, I drove slowly down the ice covered back roads to the service road.

The service road had some sleet on the surface, and areas where the water froze below the friction surface. Traction was good, and allowed a safe trip to town.

The local town was almost deserted. That, and the interstate was mostly empty, except where an overpass was blocked with a few dozen emergency vehicles.

As far as I could tell, there was a wreck being cleared on the overpass, and the vehicles on the approach were being backed down the interstate to an exit ramp. It was interesting to watch from the warm confines of my truck. Still, it reminded me of the hazards that abounded, since it would only take one bad driver to cause a trip across the ditch onto the service road I was travelling.

It's been interesting. Even though I have insulated pipes, a kitchen faucet, which is on the North side of my house, will freeze. With that on my mind, and the knowledge a frozen well pump is disastrous, the last two nights involved only cat naps, with occasional trips around the house to insure the water would run, and the well wouldn't freeze.

Temperatures are to reach the 70's this weekend. It will be a pleasant change, although rain is forecast. 

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