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Sunday, January 21, 2018

Time Will Tell

Newly released texts reveal some of former Muellor's team members may have known the outcome of the Hillary email investigation in advance. If so, the collusion Muellor is looking for may be something that he probably didn't anticipate.

The last election is revealing what I consider a treasonous effort to sway a federal election. In my opinion, if those involved are prosecuted, the death penalty should be a contemplated punishment.


  1. I get an Access Denied error with that link. MORE evidence of Mueller's criminal steering?

    1. It's working for now. Hopefully they won't pull that again.

    2. It works for awhile, then doesn't. It's a Fox news story. Why they don't want anyone to link to their site is beyond me. Maybe they're afraid they'll receive more hits and increase their revenue.

  2. OK finally got there. WE will NOT be denied.

  3. Branco's cartoons do a good job of giving all this nonsense from the libtards the ridicule it deserves. Living under Bush was like living under Claudius (the well intentioned not so smart), having The Moslem as President was like living under Nero or Caligula. But with Trump as President, it's like having Julius Caesar as the boss. A good fellow, well intentioned, but hacked to death by the Senate.