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Friday, January 4, 2019

They Probably Don't Have a Clue

The Democrats are running amuck, their leaders are incompetent, and they think they're winning. That, and they don't have a clue of how they dance on the edge of the pit of Hell.

With all the out of control politics, activist judges, a concerted effort to destroy the Constitution, and ignoring the will of the majority of people, who is actually in charge? If you answered "the President", then you're right. If the President believes there is a danger to the public, which many believe there is, he has tremendous power to prevent the danger.

If the Democrats don't reel in their party, return to decency, condemn the media, and back off their Communist efforts, they may find their out control base becomes too unruly for polite society. At that time, the good people will have had enough, and the following repercussions severe. Not only will the citizens have had enough, they'll be backed by law enforcement and the military. I don't think anyone wants that, but I also don't think the Democratic Party has a clue of how they are becoming the party of disruptive mobs, and destructive individuals. People fear that those types of people, and people will not cower in fear for very long.


  1. Sometimes I wish one of those mobs would turn on me....
    There paradigm might change.

  2. They have no respect for no one, not their party, or any office in the land. Not even surprised when a Muslim women dropped the MF bomb.

  3. they DON'T have a clue, and that's our advantage.

  4. If the Democrats don't reel in their party... well that is unlikely to happen in the short run. I fear your prognostication is spot on.