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Wednesday, January 2, 2019

No Predictions

There are many predictions about this year on multiple sites. Some are fun, some are serious, and all are pure speculation. I'm not making any because not only will I forget what I predicted, but if they're right, there is no prize, and such things demand really, really good prizes.

The new year started good, with clearing weather, and the promise of more rain. The rain is starting this morning, and is forecast to continue until tomorrow. Theoretically, we don't need any more rain, but if we have a long dry spell ahead, we'll with for it.

I played cards with the in-laws on New Years Eve. It was fun, although the games were new to me. I'm used to poker in the multiple games usually played, so the game of "Hoodwink Brother in Law" (or something with a different name, but with the same result.) was new to me. It's like Bourre, except more expensive. It's a good thing my wife only had $15 in quarters, and I was shrewd enough to keep $3 out of play. If I hadn't, I would have lost $15.

So, Happy New Year. I've resolved to not get fat this year. That, and not spend money at theaters. The later resolve has been in effect since the year "Star Trek -The Wrath of Khan" was released, and easy to keep. Theaters never really appealed to me, and I've heard the distraction are now worse than ever. This surprises me, since tasers have been on the market for years.


  1. My wife and I used to love movies... I'd love to go but the crap they have today makes the wrath of Khan look good.

    Errr… we can probly expect a re-make of that one any day now too, come to think of it...

    1. They kinda did with the new Star Trek Characters. I saw the movie on television, and Khan is still alive. As they keep backing up the dates to earlier time, they'll have Kirk, and Khan, battling over Legos.

  2. Firefox was showing at the same theater where I saw Wrath of Khan. Went to 'em back to back.

    1. I didn't see Firefox until it was on television. I liked it, but the commercials were distracting....just like the popcorn munching mouth breathers in the theater.