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Friday, March 15, 2019

Same Old Thing

There's a college admission scandal going on. Apparently, some wealthy parents paid big bucks to get their children in college. Included in this corruption is paying others to take tests, bribery to officials, and even photo shopping their little darling into photos to make them appear as athletes.

Some are acting shocked, which is really stupid. This has been going on for a long, long time. If you don't believe this, how do you think some of the idiot politicians received their college degree?


  1. And that's why the fight so hard to get them in - the Hollywood "elite" is really the lower end of the upper class. They want to marry their children "up" into the middle or higher of the upper class.

    1. They do, but they rarely realize those that have the power to do so are either only in it for the money, or the sex. While they think they're helping their children, they're only sending them off to be con-artists, or expensive whores.

  2. I dunno but from my vantage - secondary education is a scam that popped a long time ago with the fluff degrees in phony programs. These so-called 'elite' colleges are merely just another facet of it. As an employer I'd look at an applicant from Yale or Harvard and wonder if they got their degree because they knew who to blow. I can see these former great institutions becoming red flags for employers.

    1. I agree. After years of sorting through applications for workers, and analyzing the qualifications, paper qualifications rarely match actual qualifications.