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Thursday, March 21, 2019

Tipping Point?

It's too expensive for many people to live in New York. For something as large as a state, that's the start of the plunge toward death. For someone like me, that lives in Texas, all those moving here usually create problems.

When they move, they usually move to the cities, which don't have the housing to accommodate, property values go up, which causes higher taxes, which also increases the cost of insurance, and to make it all worse: they bring their whipped attitude toward authority and excessive regulation. They've been whipped for so many generations, they accept what we call Fascism.

Oh well. We'll accept them, force them to accept liberty, and try to remove their inbred attitude of government dependence. It's hard work, but necessary. Maybe we can convince them to move south and displace all the illegal aliens by the border.


  1. I have heard the same about Idaho with the left coast refugees

    1. I think many don't understand that liberty is my freedom from them. Too many think laws solve all problems, and government is a good answer.

  2. I wanted to write a story about a society that forced freedom and responsibility on people. Then I read The Weapons Shops of Isher (the first short story).

  3. These leftists leave places like California and New York to get away from the stifling regs and taxes, only to move to Texas or Florida and then vote democrat to try to ruin them to. Makes no sense but I haven't met a lib who makes much sense.