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Friday, July 26, 2013

New Neighbor

The next door neighbor to my mother's house had a strange dog sleeping under his truck the other day. I categorized it as one of those things and didn't think much of it until the day before yesterday.

He stopped me to offer condolences, so we had a short conversation. As we were talking, he pointed the dog out and called him tripod.

Long story short: the dog was owned by some transients on the next block. They abandoned the dog and a neighbor put him in a small pen, from which he escaped. He wandered over to the neighbor's house, which offered a big heart and the care of someone that loves and respects animals.

Nobody knows how he lost a leg, which is why he's called tripod. The neighbor learned of the history from a friend.

Anyway, the neighbor is providing food and water. He's planning on building a fence soon, so Tripod could end up with a permanent home. He needs that; people can be so damned cruel and how they can be so to a small, mix breed is beyond me.

I've tried to get him to come to me, but he's weary of the species that caused him so much suffering. I won't give up. At worst, he'll never come to me. At best, I'll get to scratch his head and he'll know all humans aren't worthless pieces of crap.


  1. How good it is that someone is taking care of this dog. I have to wonder what kind of lowlife it is who would hurt animals. It doesn't seem to matter how lousy my day has been, a petting and ear scratching session with my two little dogs makes everything better. Many is the time that I prefer the company of my dogs to that of most humans.

    1. People that intentionally harm animals will do the same to humans.

  2. My dad has adopted before some abused dogs from animal rescue organizations. I don't think there were any finer pets in the world, as much as they were spoiled by my dad after the lives they once had.

  3. Over the years, my family and I collected quite a few strays over the years, and without exception, they were all very fine dogs that had been abused in some manner.

    It breaks my heart and I sure hope there is karma in the afterlife for those who abuse trusting, innocent animals who look to us for their very lives.