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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Ignorant Driving

We have a local shopping area, which is about a mile of strip malls, a Super Walmart, a Lowe's, Academy, Office Depot and numerous other businesses, including restaurants. There are around ten driveways into the long series of businesses. They all connect to a common drive running the entire length and connecting to a crossroad.

Entry from one direction on the adjacent highway requires exiting, looping around under an underpass, and merging with access road traffic. It's a fairly easy task, and if you can't immediately turn in the first drive, you can accelerate, stay in the left lane, wait for the almost insured break in traffic, and use one farther down...if you're not an ignorant/dumbass driver.

This afternoon, I watched a driver tie up the loop around, while waiting to cross two lanes of traffic to use the first drive. When I finally eased out into traffic, which blocked one lane, they continued to wait, until they could cut into the other lane and take the first entrance.

The driver was holding up their hands in exasperation, as they waited for their chance. My mind was reeling from their ignorance; and the choice words I used would have melted the brass on a retired sailor's medals.

Some people don't need to drive. They can, and will, kill people due to their ignorance. They're like the old man that backed up an exit ramp, which caused a truck driver to lose control, and drive off an overpass. He was crushed to death by his load; the old man drove away and witnesses didn't get a plate number.


  1. My usual comment to whom ever is in ear shot when I see that kind of stuff is. " people suck".

    1. They do. I'd probably feel differently, if I knew they were trying. Unfortunately, some people are too comfortable with accepting their ignorance.