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Friday, February 13, 2015

Something I Really Dislike

I read different news sites. One thing that will immediately cause me to close a site is an automatic play video. That, and no written story.

Why? Because bandwidth costs real money, I may not be interested in the crappy video, and I think it's the work of arrogant assholes to think I'm willing to take the time to waste my money on their video.

That is all. You can return to your regular scheduled program.


  1. I hear ya Jess... I googled for a solution and ended up downloading a fix for my browser (I use Mozilla Firefox) that stops these auto plays in their tracks. Pages load waaay quicker now.

  2. Finally! Someone said it!

  3. I can read faster than I can watch some dumb video. I get really annoyed by "news" sites that only have video content, no transcripts.

    I also hate the mostly-content-free "listicle" format that's taking over the web.