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Saturday, July 4, 2015

It Started with a Declaration

Today is Independence Day, which celebrates the signing of the Declaration of Independence. It marks a day when colonists finally had enough, declared their intentions, and Britain soon followed with armed troops to quell the insurrection. The British failed; and the greatest nation on Earth was formed with the blood, and fortunes, of those that believed liberty is the greatest gift from God. The suffering was great, many lost those they loved, and the experiment of a government that held that the individual is more important the collective soon started.

We're centuries beyond that point, and the efforts to destroy this country are probably stronger than when Great Britain decided to put the colonists back in their place. Still, the demand for liberty is as strong as ever. Ancestors of those that created the United States have the same genetics that led to the longing for liberty. Those that came after have the same longing.  It's a good thing and those that wish otherwise will find their efforts will lead to their disaster.

God bless the United States.


  1. I agree with Vicki. Though I might add the irony of the fact that outposts under British control today now have more freedoms than we do here.

    1. That's a fact. The quest for power is strong, and those that supposedly wish the best for their constituents become drunk with authority and fail to realize their existence is precarious.