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Friday, July 3, 2015

Civil Disobedience and Liberty

They're in the news; county officials refusing to perform same sex marriages, and some that simply quit. They refuse to compromise their morals for a group of nine individuals that decided to follow something beside the Constitution.

Further reading in the news reports a majority opinion that the Federal Government is huge threat to liberty, and that State's rights dictate ignoring mandates in violation of Constitutional guidelines.

So now what happens? I don't know, but I do know a substantial amount of U.S. citizens feel betrayed by their own government. They're not only concerned, they're starting to push back with threats, and actual acts of civil disobedience. Usually, that's a start for major changes. What changes actually happen remain to be seen, but a seething anger at the betrayal of liberty, fiscal irresponsibility, and embracing the tide of illegal immigrants is becoming more than just a few individuals the media can describe as "nutcases".

The media can respond responsibly, or they can ignore those that actually make the United States function. Either way, they've lost the trust of citizens, will find more animosity as they roam, and one day realize they're pawns, gave up something more precious than gold, and future generations will despise the generation of media that hid facts to promote an agenda.

What disturbed me most, while reading news, is the number of people that have no idea of why Independence Day is so significant. That lack of knowledge I blame on teachers. They too will find derision, animosity and realize their chosen profession is considered a threat to liberty.


  1. At this rate, we're going to need re-education camps.

    1. I dunno. Some are probably past that point, and really need to be deported to some third world shit hole.

  2. Personally, I would like to see a glimmer of truth from the media. Kind of doubt that will happen any time soon. I often wonder just what it will take to have the general population say "Enough."

    1. I hear that many of the news outlets are suffering, although they're good at covering it up.

      Considering the mass layoffs at some of the Progressive news organizations, I'd say their subterfuge is leading to economic problems. That's good. They're traitors and only the worst is the best for them.

  3. This post nailed it, Jess! There are waaaay more of us true patriots than we are given credit for. It's the media's job to keep us down and depressed and hopeless. Ain't happenin'. And is this what you were alluding to? just watched this from another blog post. Wow. Sad, not funny.