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Saturday, February 11, 2017

Call It What it Is

A federal judge wields a lot of power, which makes an injunction a powerful tool to cause an immediate cessation of an action; and the opportunity for a plaintiff to use the courts to obtain relief. It's a good thing, but requires evidence of immediate harm, witnesses, and legal citations establishing standing.

The judge that placed the injunction of Trump's executive order didn't demand the proper evidence, ignored the law that allowed the action, and the appellate court did the same.

This is anarchy. Any other word doesn't describe arbitrarily ignoring laws, rules, and the legal representative powers given to an elected official.

A more effective legislative branch would immediately censure the judges, and pursue impeachment for what is obviously an abandonment of the rules of law the judges swore to uphold. They abused their power, and created an atmosphere where citizens have no recourse to protect their rights by the methods outlined in the Constitution. These judges present a danger to all citizens of the United States and should be removed.


  1. Listen starting about 37:30

  2. agree 100% Jess. I was never a Trump guy, but the left (which includes the media, academia and the courts) is so whacked, Mr T may be the only sob who is willing to bare knuckle with them.

    1. I've been watching the left, and media, attempt to hide the push back against their liberal agenda. It's now working as they hope, and they're becoming more irrelevant.