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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

The Limits of My Concern

The press is upset because Trump allows reporters that don't share their sense of importance. I guess I'm supposed to be concerned, but I'm not. All their whining only make me want to ignore them more.

There's a growing concern (That's what they want me to believe) about protesters inciting violence, and destruction of property. While news report show the cities where these actions are acceptable, most cities - especially in Texas - have citizens that will not only fight back, they'll happily offer a few bucks to bury the stinking corpses they piled in front of their business.

Trump is deporting illegals aliens. I'm supposed to be concerned about them, and their families. Considering the amount of corruption by this group, criminal activity, unwillingness to assimilate in our culture, and the drain on public funds, my concern is the current administration is going too slow. Former administrations either ignored these aliens, or promoted their ability to come to the United States. If I had my druthers, all members of these former administrations would sacrifice their pensions to pay for cleaning up their mess. That, and they'd personally go through the United States and remove any signs in Spanish.

Putin and Trump seem to be getting along, but I'm supposed to be concerned. I was more concerned when the former chuckle-head Secretary of State brought a cheap, crappy "reset" button along for her first visit. I'm sure she thought it was clever, but from my perspective, she made Pee Wee Herman look like a serious character actor.

Liberal judges are ignoring laws, and legislating from the bench. This is a concern, but the real concern is those ignoring their duty to not only remove them from the bench, but to remove any licenses. After all, they all swear to uphold the Constitution. Ignoring their oath should have strong consequences.

Personally, tar and feathering is my suggested punishment for many politicians and public officials. I'm concerned my suggestion will be ignored.

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