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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Lying, Thieving Sacks of Excrement

The media, and most in the government, fail to pound out the losses anyone not working for the federal government realized in the last eight years. Double digit inflation, tripled insurance costs, stagnant wages, and increased regulations decreased the take home for those in the private sector, and due to the devalued dollar, the decrease in spending can only be described as deplorable.

So, the lying, thieving sacks of crap that live in D.C., or peddle their daily manure, are still failing to realize the slow simmer is beyond the point of civil discourse. It's now about survival, and if it takes firing 50% of federal workers to increase my salary, then that needs to happen by sunset this evening. Either they fix it, or the angry taxpayers will.


  1. HA! Jess, have you locked yourself into a rural, off-season and currently vacant federal wildlife refuge? Can I join? :)

    1. When I look at my finances, realize how much less money buys, how much insurance has risen, and know why this happened, I lose my civility.

      What makes it worse is the fact almost a trillion was spent to "stimulate" the economy. The money only led to raises, and new hires for the federal government.