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Monday, March 27, 2017

They Won't Admit It

Although they'll never admit it, most government entities - from the smallest, to the largest - are so full of generalized crap, nobody really knows how the system they manage (I use the term loosely), actually works. People complete parallel tasks, and the tasks have no real use, but somebody, with an equally useless task, created the task to justify the money they're paid to complete a purpose without any use.

Added to the lack of purpose, or reason, are the taxes we pay for bad decisions, worthless tasks, empty building, land without commercial use, parks nobody visits, pamphlets nobody reads, commercials that air when few watch, supposed government travel, bonuses (even to incompetents), borrowed money, aid to damn near any foreign country that asks...the list goes on. The taxes, which can only come from the private sector, are not only completely used up, government entities borrow money to compensate for the constant incompetent use of public funds.

To make matters worse, those elected, or hired, are generally as useless as teats on a boar, and any that might have had some use in the private sector, are soon ruined by the madness called government.

There is a solution, but the general masses would never consider just saying no, on a Spring day, after they pay their share of the extortion. So, the madness continues, and the huge machine called government, blips, grumbles, shakes, and lumbers down the road of madness, with pieces falling away, a multitude of leaks, belching noxious fumes, toward the final destination where it's completely dismantled, and those foolish enough to build another, start the task of building a new equally ridiculous machine.

Meanwhile, the media - equally filled with bureaucrats and madness - will report the entire process, with total disregard of facts, and pat their own backs for being so condescending, and obnoxious. Their reports will lead to soliloquies embellished with a somber expression, and updates.


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  2. The visual of "the huge machine called government" burping and rumbling and shedding parts is priceless. OK, maybe not priceless. You can get oe too for the low cost of $21Trillion and unfunded payments left of only $200Trillion.

    1. ....and the government thinks that's a bargain.