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Thursday, March 16, 2017

The Simple Solution

I read about a Hawaiian judge that granted a temporary restraining order against the President's current executive order on immigration restrictions. The judge is wrong, is ignoring all protocol, and abusing the power of their court.

What's the solution? Impeachment is the only real simple solution, although Congress can pass laws about judicial misconduct, which I'm sure the judge will ignore.

If somebody in Congress writes up the charges of impeachment, I have the feeling enough will vote for pursuing the charges, and the judge will be removed from the bench until the charges are dropped, or he's tried by the Senate. Although they may be vindicated, their career will change, and many of their decisions might end up being reviewed by higher courts.

Whatever happens, allowing the judge to ignore law, arbitrarily legislate from the bench, and abuse the power of their office only makes things worse for judges in the future. Either judges censure through writings, and condemn the judge for their actions, or find their silence leads to consequences harmful to all citizens. While their censure may not be as important as censure from citizens, their stand will lead to enough citizens demanding relieve from judicial activism.

The Federal Judiciary is failing to police their ranks, and prevent radical judges from continuing their anarchist methods from the bench. It's time they did, and necessary. Allowing the reckless judges to continue their actions will eventually lead to an impeachment, the exposure of their incompetence, and further sully their reputation.



    1. That's interesting, and explains what I perceived a tremendous lack of insight by the founders.

      Maybe Congress will remove funds from all liberal courts, and watch them have no recourse but to go home.

  2. funny how obama was just in Hawaii during time when this so-called judge did this. Now he's off to Tahiti without his family, probably for surgery to change gender... I hear he always wanted to be a man.

    1. Current pictures show Obama as being very effeminate. Maybe he's coming out of the closet