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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

The Doctor is In...or Not

My primary care physician retired at the end of 2016. I found out they were retiring during my visit right before Christmas. The staff was surprised I didn't know, and even stated they send out notices to the fact. Whether they did, or not, isn't important, since I didn't receive a notice. 

Another doctor, in another office, accepted the patients, so I went over on the same day, received a packet to fill out, did so, and returned it to schedule an appointment. The appointment date was this morning, so, as usual, I fasted and prepared to give some blood, and meet my new doctor. That was my mistake.

I called Monday to verify my appointment, had the office person confirm the date and time, told them I would be there, and everything seemed fine...until this morning. 

After arrival, and filling out the sign-in form, I was told the doctor would be out today. Since my prescriptions are almost out, I asked the person behind the counter about another appointment. They informed me the doctor was booked up for a long time, but I could see a nurse practitioner next Monday at 11:00 am. I told them I would be there, but was informed it would be for an initial consult, and I would probably be scheduled for blood tests at a later date. They are supposed to be able to fill my medications, but my instincts tell me the bullshit is thick with this information. Time will tell. 

The person behind the counter stated they left me a voice mail, which I didn't receive. Even then, if they had the time to send me a notice, why didn't they tell me the day before yesterday, when I called to verify my appointment? 

So, I'm pissed about the major "advances" in medicine, with the advances seeming to be doctors don't really give a rat's ass about their patients, charging full price for having nurse practitioners doing their work, and paying staff to lie to their patients. 



  1. wow. sorry you are having to go through this BS, Jess. Especially when it's needed. I had cadillac coverage for 30 years when I never needed it, but as we enter the stagges when we need care - this is what we are left with. Hang tough.

    1. Thanks. I won't die, or suffer too much, without the medications, but realize if they were that critical, I'd be making a trip to the emergency room, and hoping the lack of a critical medication didn't cause permanent harm.