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Sunday, December 30, 2018

Drizzly Drips

Yesterday the skies had high clouds, with a few darker solid gray layers. The darker clouds would bring light sprinkles and would pass in a few minutes. The north wind was strong, and the damp chill was uncomfortable. Today is different.

This morning, the skies were solid gray, with some low scud out of the north. It was almost calm, but the wind picked up, and the rain began. It's been like that since, and the only way to describe the weather is miserable.

One good thing is the temperature. The thermometer is hovering around 50, and I'm glad it's not hovering right below freezing. The last time that happened (decades ago), the heavy ice accumulation eventually took out the power, and it took over a week for the line crews to repair the damage.

 It was miserable, since my home at the time had electric heat, and the small generator I had could barely keep one small space heater working. The water well was 220, and although I could have changed it to 110, it was safer to just drain the pump and tank. I had a bathtub full of water for flushing, and bottled water to drink. Sponge baths were all that was available, and the water was heated on a colander placed over a large candle. 

So, this year ends with nasty weather, but better weather is forecast for the first. It won't last long, and we've expecting more rain in the middle of the week.


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    1. Our winter is usually mild. Even the worst of cold is for a short time, and the milder temperatures will return.

      I like winter. Our summer is a long spell of heat with humidity. After months of this type of climate, I have little reserves, and find I long for the cold of winter.