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Saturday, September 14, 2019


Yesterday, I noticed the wind was from the east, and the few thunderstorms building were moving faster than normal. I knew the weather folks were not forecasting rain, and the long range showed the lack of precipitation over the next week. This didn't fit what I observed, and the NHC is now showing something in the Gulf of Mexico.

There is an upper level low over the eastern Gulf, which is moving to the northwest. Whether it develops into something more than a rain maker is to be seen, but I'll keep a close watch on this system. We're at that time of the year when the front don't quite make it to the coast, and tropical systems can wreak havoc.

The system slowly developed into a tropical storm, which came ashore in Freeport, Texas this afternoon, September 17.


  1. Jess good thing to keep an eye out. I find that here in MN the weather folks can pin point a storm down to a certain city block. But come winter time well they can't seem to get any better then a horseshoe toss. Why is that?? Well during the summer everyone wants to be outside. Winter time its the hype they want so folks will tune in for better tv ratings

    1. Radar is fantastic. So is the use of satellites, but neither show the barometric pressure, the large, slow movement of the air, or the smells of the changes in weather. Where a thunderstorm can be plotted, the direction known, and the arrival time, a large system may not really show much, until it suddenly blossoms into a large weather maker.

  2. I'm just waiting for it to get cold. Really cold. The next ice age can't come soon enough.

  3. winter is coming... of course, Halloween arrived in the aisles of your local store last month.