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Saturday, September 21, 2019

Too Open-Minded

There's a saying: "Don't be so open-minded your brain falls out.", which should be the mantra for those stricken with the disorder. Being in that state can lead to ignoring logic, or becoming a pawn for those willing to do just about anything for power. Neither has healthy outcomes, and leads to dismissing facts that influence survival. 

I've met people that were raised in households with severely limited resources, where meal times were dictated by the parents. The father ate first, then the mother, and then the children. It was necessary, since the father was the only source of the limited money available for the family. He was in charge, and the family deferred to the arrangement.

This, for all practical purposes, is Socialism in action. Resources are determined by a central power, and all of the underlings are forced to accept decisions that may hamper their ability to survive. Regardless of the outcome, the arrangement allows selfish actions, and many people are guaranteed to put their selfish wants ahead of basic needs for others. It's a barbaric structure, and sacrificing others is demanded, since resources are not only limited, there is no way to increase the resources. The opportunity to increase the resources is squelched by those enamored with their power.

So, why would anyone want to embrace Socialism? Isn't it inherently evil? My suspicion is that too many have become so open minded, they ignore the past, think the free stuff solution will work, and are true believers of those that corrupt politics with ridiculous solutions that endanger the entire United States. It looks like it will work, because there's a supposed belief resources are unlimited, and if you don't believe it, look at all the rich people that have more than they need.

From my vantage point, the  education system has been corrupted to the point entire generations are not only uneducated, they're now hard core minions for those that want the same power as the Soviet elite during the times of the Soviet Union. The evil of this former government led to the murder of millions, yet children today are not even being taught that the core of the system was Socialism. This is a terrible tragedy, and the outcome could be reliving the past. Children are being told they need to be open minded, and their brains will soon fall out.


  1. Hmpppffff. I remember Dad joking about that, how he should eat first with the rest of us later. I didn't actually know it was a 'thing'.

    I think it's mostly women and vibrants pushing for socialism. Uncle Bob used to say that women are fascists and socialists by nature and that is why the founding fathers deprived them of the vote and excluded them from positions of power. I think I tend to agree with him on that. But... vibrants are also fond of it as well. They know that socialist gov'ts are very generous with favoured groups and they hope to cash in on that. They forget that unfavoured groups get squat... which is why they fled from their chithole countries of origin. We need to do something about the waves of human trash swarming over the border.

    I don't see the rise of socialism as being tolerated, so much as people embracing it. It could very well turn into a situation we have to shoot our way out of... possibly sooner rather than later.

    1. I agree about most not thinking Socialism is good, but the media is full of those that promote the nonsense. They'll push until they're pushed back, and it's becoming apparent they're not liked as they once were. That's a good thing. Nobody likes a cheerleader for thugs.

    2. That is a feature of socialism, not a bug Jess. When the left takes over an institution - be it the schools, the courts, or the mass media... those institutions stop working. Nowadays those swine in the mass media can't sell a paper, never mind a subscription. They blew the last of their credibility trying to help Hillary Clinton win an election against Pepe The Frog... and they lost.

      Unless I am mistaken, and something drastic changes - the next election is going to be a rout. The donks are tearing themselves apart with their hag squads and socialism.

      We shall see I suppose.

  2. It's worse than that - kids are being taught that things that are demonstrably not true . . . are true. That every foundation of Western Civilization is . . . an option. This doesn't end well. But the good news is I know how to make wine.