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Thursday, September 19, 2019

Twenty in Six

Right south of my location, twenty inches of rain fell in the hours between midnight and six am. I don't know how much we've had, but the rain gauge overflowed twice since the night before last, and it's still raining. That's over 12 inches, and there's more heavy rain on the way.

Reports are already coming in of local flooding worse than from Harvey. People that escaped the flood of Harvey are now finding water in their homes, and with the rapidly rising water, are finding they require boats for rescue. Considering the sun hasn't risen, some people are awakening to a horrifying situation.

Tropical storm Imelda is proving that even smaller systems can generate enough rainfall to dwarf the amounts of a fast moving hurricane. They damage will be great, and those just now finding themselves settled after Harvey will find the long ordeal of dealing with damages are starting again.


  1. How is the building ARK going?? Reminder you don't need to let the liberals on. We have flood warnings a few miles east of us as the river is at flood stage 16 feet.

    1. I moved about nine months ago, after I sold my old place to downsize. According to a former neighbor, houses that didn't have any water during Harvey have a foot inside.

  2. Hope you are high and dry. Nary a drop here.

    1. As of now, the huge band of heavy downpours is not threatening. I'll watch it during the day. If it arrives, we'll probably get as much water as Harvey.

  3. Replies
    1. All together, I had somewhere around 20 inches of rain. Around 15 miles to the south, the totals are pushing 40 inches.

      My former neighbor called to let me know some of the houses that weren't flooded by Harvey had 18 inches of water.