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Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Some Things You Can't Buy

Around the time of Hurricane Harvey, my wife started a quilt for me. It involved cutting multiple pieces of fabric into 2 inch square, pinning the squares into a pattern, sewing the squares together, placing batten, sewing the backing fabric, sewing the border, and finally the part she likes: sewing the quilting pattern to hold it all together.

This was when she had it all the pieces pinned together:

This is the final quilt:

She spent many hours on this project. She'd be inspired, put it away for awhile, and for some months, she didn't even want to keep quilting. The bug hit her again, so she finished, and is starting another project.

I think she's an artist, but she can pick out every tiny detail she doesn't like. That's the artist in her, and doesn't lessen the fantastic thing she made out of love.

I'm blessed.


  1. That quilt is more than beautiful. As a quilter, I understand and marvel at the amount of work and love that went into it's making. You are a lucky man, but I'm pretty sure you know that already.

    1. Her skill amazes me. That, and her patience.

      Indeed, I'm a lucky man.

  2. That's an enormous amount of work. Done with love, obviously.

  3. She loves to quilt. That's another thing that amazes me.

  4. That is absolutely gorgeous...
    My wife loves quilts and has many $$ of them...none as beautiful as that.

  5. Omgosh, the hours, attention to detail, the patience as you mentioned. It does Rock! And the "it's mine." :D