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Thursday, October 10, 2019

You Can't Trust Polls

Why? Because you can't trust pollsters, the media, and those that use corrupted data in the attempt to control people.


  1. One of my main take-aways from college Statistics was how easily the data can be skewed by what you choose to sample.

    1. You're right. What amazes me is that the polls are accepted, regardless of the fact the questions aren't published, and the actual data isn't presented for scrutiny.

    2. Chipmunk nailed it.

  2. I had 9 Trump signs in my yard the week before the election. Why 9? I didn't have 10.

    I saw NO Trump signs in the county.

    He won our county by 90%.

    That is all.

    1. In my corner of the world, Trump is sure to win. According to the news, he's struggling for the votes to win the next election.

      Considering my personal encounters with the media, they are generally clueless, somewhat lazy news readers, with limited abilities to understand logic.