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Friday, August 7, 2020

Not Enough

 I know many people, and they aren't happy about current affairs. I'll list a few:

- Powerful bureaucrats attempted a coup. Included were members of the highest law enforcement agencies, the IRS, elected officials, and probably Obama. A less polite society would have their heads on pikes surrounding the reflecting pool of the Washington Monument. 

- Supposed health officials not only can't agree on the dangers of Covid 19, they spout their opinions with corrupted data. Those that don't tow the line, continue the subterfuge of isolation, and allow the economy to suffer are chastised, have their character assassinated, or are ignored. 

- Joe Biden his son, and probably other members of his family, are trash. Not only have they become rich from illegal Chinese graft, they continue to be allowed to walk in public. They're criminals, and should be treated as such. 

- Bill Clinton is being given a free pass on his elbow rubbing with a known rapist, and child trafficker.  A good media would be asking some tough questions, and demanding investigations into his culpability. 

- The economy is taking a huge hit, Congress is ignoring its responsibility, the media is ignoring those helping destroy the economy, and it's all part of the effort to destroy Trump. 

- Public sector unions are running roughshod over those that pay their salaries. 

- China is attempting to destroy the United States, professional sports is helping, and people are still watching the crap they call sports. 

There's more, and there's a comment section to add the things pissing you off. 


  1. rogue DA's are allowed to infringe the rights of innocent citizens. leftist mayors allowed to do the same ie: deprive some their rights to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness in deference to scum that somehow are the favored class right now. politicians falling over themselves to virtue signal to one percent of the vote. corporations doing same for those with no money to spend b/c they don't believe in work. i could go on forever but i'll load more magazines instead.

    1. Cities are business hubs, with too many uneducated people as actual citizens. Without the revenue from business, the property value wouldn't support the government for a month.

  2. Things that piss me no particular order..
    kimberly gardner
    ex presidents clinton, bush, obamski
    ex president's wives moochelle, Swillary
    Creepy Joe Biden
    celebrities with big mouths; including, but not limited to de niro, reiner, judd, streisand, milano, carrey, winfrey, goldberg, josh malina, messing,
    diane feinstein
    gretchen whitmer, cuomo, newsome, beetlejuice from chicago, walz
    george soros
    106.7 the eagle from san antone
    radical muslimes in congress
    spineless leaders
    finger pointers and those who will not take responsibility for their own actions...
    complainers without solutions...
    bill gates
    you tube
    bob costas
    people who won't work for a living..
    it's a start..

    1. It's a long list, but a list shared by many.

  3. I agree with Ex. Also what pisses me off is people who have no courtesy. People who have no accountability.

    1. And too many are dependent on our money to exist.

  4. The willingness of a large portion of the American Society willing to give up their rights for a little security.

    1. Without that willingness, many problems would be solved in days.

  5. That elected district attorneys in Big City after Big City are selectively charging people on the Right for invented crimes while people on the Left are released after looting, rioting, and attempted murder.

    If the justice system is utterly corrupt, bad things will happen.

    1. There's much corruption, but more is being exposed. Hopefully, constituents with more snap than a vegetable will get rid of those they can by choosing more wisely at voting time.

  6. citizens with snap need to run for office!

    1. Yes, but that snap prevents them from making such a decision. Good people are not welcome, since all political entities are rife with some sort of corruption.