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Saturday, August 22, 2020

Anticipation Again

 Two tropical storms are expected in the Gulf over the next week. Both - since the final landfall location is a crap shoot at this time - could possibly have an effect on my life. The current anticipation is leaning toward neither coming ashore as a hurricane, which is good for wind damage. The problem to arise may be torrential rain, flooding, and glitches in the power grid. 

I have a bridge job, which I finished yesterday, and I can't remove all the traffic control, until my test cylinders pass on Monday. If they don't pass, I'll have a big problem, when the first storm arrives. Regardless of how they appear, barrels, grabber cones, and signs are light, wind affected, and cause confusion, when they are blown out of their proper places. Since I have a stationary automatic traffic signal controlling traffic, if either end blows over, goes down, or turns, the traffic can become dangerous. 

Time will tell, but the next week looks interesting. Hopefully the rain won't cause flooding, and the locals along the coast won't be inundated by a surge. 

Apparently, the initial thought of the center of the storm was too far west. The new forecast has tropical storm Marco coming ashore in the middle of Louisiana, turning to the west, and we'll avoid the winds, but will have the rain at the end of next week. We'll see, but such storms can slow, drop a lot of rain, and cause flooding. 

And now, with Marco going into Louisiana, weather wizards are calling for his sister, Laura, to take a job to the west, and bullseye my area. I hope not, but am preparing. 

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