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Sunday, August 23, 2020

Renting The Future

 Over the years, my job required renting expensive equipment to accomplish the work. The rental rates are set by the anticipated life of the equipment, which is substantially lower than that of owned equipment. Why? The rented equipment is abused, the costs to repair are never considered, and maintenance is expected by the rental company.  

Owned equipment is less expensive, allows lower job costs, and gives contractors and advantage in bidding. Those operating equipment are expected to be cautious, take care of the equipment, and follow maintenance schedules. Owners understand the demand for equipment care, but still have problems with employees that don't understand their jobs depend on the equipment. Increased costs for repairs can lead to lost revenue, reduced profits, and the possibility of the owners becoming bankrupt. Borrowing money may help, but continued losses lead to an unwillingness by banks to loan money.  

Our government has become a nation of uncaring operators (politicians), lackadaisical owners (taxpayers), and uncontrolled spending, when fiscal conservatism was mandated. Simple problems became huge, competitors had the help of greedy employees willing to destroy for gain, and the taxpayers allowed it all to happen. The bill for this madness is huge, and the payments will last beyond the lives of those that caused the debt. 

I've heard this is human behavior, but don't subscribe to that belief. It's arrogance, laziness, greed and outright thievery. Humans are not wasteful by nature, and self-preservation is what controls behavior. This is a failure of our society helped by years of indoctrination, and the erroneous belief the federal government can't fail. Our enemies have been successful to this point, and it's our duty to prevent the complete destruction of our nation. 


  1. It's going this way because literally no one believes we'll ever face consequences. That reminds me of France right before King Louis lost his head.

    1. Yes, and the consequences will be severe.

  2. We are supposed to have a representative form of government.
    We do, but it is not representing US.

  3. As somebody that used to rent out precision tools for a living... this is a great analogy. Alot of times my customers had no idea of what they were doing, how to use those tools competently and safely - and they paid through the nose when they wrecked them. I eventually came up with a free tutorial class I would put on for the customers to help them get on top of understanding what these tools actually did, and how to apply them correctly (while plugging my other products and services).

    We tend to scoff at political science - but we shouldn't. Most of us understand the concept of the Overton Window, and our politicos can even move it at will. But well over half of them have no idea about Chesterton's Fence. Many have no clue about your founding fathers and their intents and reasoning. They intend to do away with all that creepy-ass-dead-white-guy and replace it with feelings and victim politics. I believe that people get the gov'ts they want and deserve - and the blame for all this lies just as much with us as it does with them.

    1. Politicians should have to take part in an annual lottery. Whoever wins, is tarred and feathered.