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Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Censorship and Free Enterprise

 Facebook blocked Ron Paul from his page. I won't link, since there are links all over the internet. It's amazing, but not surprising. Facebook is run by Fascists, and regardless of opinions, is a private company and operating within it's right. That leads to more amazement. People who supposedly are upset by the turn of politics in this country continue to keep their Facebook page, watch their football on the alphabet Nazi networks, and if my suspicions are correct, have no idea they're supporting those that are willing to destroy the United States. 

People who are not willing to give up their guilty pleasures for liberty surely don't deserve it, and should not be surprised if they lose it completely.

I have to add that I had a brief conversation with Dr. Paul years ago. He's a thoughtful, gentle, well-spoken man, and can only be considered a "threat", if you're so settled in your thoughts, you're scared of ideas that demand you take the responsibilities of liberty.


  1. No, they are not operating within their rights. Either they are a publisher - and therefore liable for ALL their content, or they are a public space in which case they can’t take sides in censorship. They are playing it both ways, to their advantage as men like Mr. Paul can attest. They are colluding with other tech monopolies to stifle free speech, lawful competition, and attack the rights and freedoms of all their adversaries. Their conduct borders on acts of war (encouraging violence and harassment against their political enemies).
    I say there are grounds to start arresting people, stretching necks and shooting others. These guys want a war, and the longer we drag our feet engaging with them, the harder they will be to defeat, and the higher the body counts will be.

    1. The law is protecting them at this time. I don't like them being isolated, and have little doubt the law will change in the near future. I do see financial repercussions due to their actions. If they lose enough business, investors will run like scalded dogs.