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Tuesday, January 5, 2021

What's Real?

 The mainstream media can't be trusted to report without embellishing their agenda. Facts are hidden, dismissed, or twisted to subvert reality. Critical thinking is absent from the commentators, and most of the reporting is by vapid, empty headed news readers that think they are important. So, what's real?

There are far more many people that don't believe the news than do. That, and government - from local to national - is not only distrusted, there's an anger towards those that not only abuse their power, they waste precious tax dollars stolen by fiat decrees. Property taxes are raised by revaluing real estate, regulations destroy small business, and the typical approach for reducing spending is for elected officials to raise their salaries. 

What about voting? There's widespread fraud, and I don't know a single person that feels that voting leads to the will of citizens. How can this be tolerated, and how can the mainstream media ignore the fact a vote is useless, if the voter is not legally able to cast a vote? How can officials not be dragged to the square and hung for their treason of allowing people to vote without identification?

The one thing I see that is different about current events, when compared to the past failures of Socialism is the sanctity of the second amendment has not been completely subverted. That is the only thing left to prevent total tyranny. Hopefully, it will never resort to outright violent rebellion, but unless our elected officials stand their ground, the repercussion of the election fraud may be rough.


  1. The sanctity of the 2A is next on the chopping block by the Democrats. They will continue to chip away at it by targeted taxation, but they will not eliminate it entirely.
    That being said, I don't see how it will end without violence.
    We have lost our faith in a fair and unbiased election. How could we ever believe it will be any different in the future with the same people in power?

    1. What really pisses me off is the condescending, dismissal of the concerns of taxpayers by the officials; both elected and hired. It would only take a few tar-and-feather parties to get their attention.

    2. I absolutely agree that it's become obvious that our elected officials 1)do not intend to actually represent us, 2)do not give a flying fig about our welfare and 3)are clearly running all kinds of scams to enrich themselves. Yeah, I'm spittin' mad!

  2. Jess, I'm sorry, but no tar and feathers. Just ropes and scaffolds. In the town square and live on primetime TV. An example needs to be made that treason will not be tolerated.