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Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Annual Attempt To Steal

 The property tax appraisals are out. As usual, they've found more value, where none is to be found. This year is a 10% increase in value, which to those challenged by math, means 10 more dollars of taxes per hundred of valuation. For those still limping from the Covid government takeover, this can mean their taxes, with insurance, are more than their mortgage. 

I contested my value. Whether this goes anywhere will be seen. I do know I'm not the only one that is doing this, and the anger may mean some of those government workers will a trip to the grocery store is far from pleasant. They deserve it. A less polite society would be opening tar barrels and plucking chickens.


  1. Property tax acessors should be included in the "Kill on Sight" lists once the balloon goes up.

    1. They're like insurance adjusters. In the end, they are out to soak someone and do so without regret.

  2. Check out this youtube video where the county tries to charge property tax to current homeowner on refund the previous homeowner received.

  3. Replies
    1. My sister-in-law spoke with a person in the tax office about her assessment. The gist of the conversation was the mandate for increasing taxes was a mandate from a state official that our county was not appraising property at too low of a rate.

      I thought about his, and how our state officials are mostly as ignorant as a bag of hammers, and realized they don't realize how their meddling can lead to things that they would find shocking.

      All the local counties are seeing large tax increases, and these increases are coming at a time when personal resources are far from recovering from the fascist fake pandemic. People are pissed, and if they take a few dozen bureaucrats on a "boat trip", I wouldn't be a good juror for the prosecution.