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Thursday, June 3, 2021

The Narrative Goat

 In order to continue the narrative that the Wuhan Virus is really, really dangerous, Fauci will be sacrificed to continue the effort to remove liberty from citizens. It's a standard ploy, and what's sad is how many people will follow the narrative, be stupid with their programmed reaction, and thousands of petty tyrants won't be tarred and feathered for their collusion in the madness. A less polite society would have ended this crap months ago, and some people would be wondering why their punishment is so harsh, and praying we don't vote keel-hauling back in as the accepted form of punishment for such things.


  1. It's a shame he's so old. I'd love it if more of his life was ruined.

    1. Some think he should be tried for his crimes, and death is the only suitable punishment on conviction. I think the remainder of his life in solitary confinement is more appropriate. He should have time to contemplate his death alone, without any input, or solace.

  2. If time, resources and money weren’t issues I might agree Jess.

    As it is, Fauci is a good down payment. I’d frog march him out to the firing squad and have him in the ground by the end of the day, and be done with him. Then I’d move on the others involved with this and do the same to them as a warning to the rest.

    1. Fauci wasn't alone. Waterboard him to obtain his collaborators, and then frog march him to the gallows.