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Sunday, June 6, 2021

There You Are

 I wrote about my annual property tax assessment in this post. I received a letter, and some of the assessor's "evidence" a few weeks later. The letter - the reaction after I protested my assessment - had the date, and time, for my hearing. That happened last week.

The hearing was by telephone, so I was rewarded with the noises of shuffling, multiple voices, and the fading of voices, when the speaker turned away from the microphone. Of course I couldn't see them. That guarantees no recognition if we happen to bump into each other at the grocery store. 

It was a brief hearing, with explanations, and how the evidence they provided indicates that the property in the photos is their reason for the assessment value. I countered that the real estate market is inflated, and the prices are not an actual value, and even if I wanted to sell my home, I don't think I could receive the appraised value. Also, I stated it sure looks like the state, and the county, are giving themselves a 10% raise on my fixed income. They countered with they are mandated to appraise at a high percentage of the market value. They used the word "they", so I asked who "they" is. Who is they? The state of Texas. 

I told them I call such things extortion. I don't think they liked that, but there is no better description. The crime family needs more money, they demand you pay, or they break your leg, which with public entities, they do worse. They take your home, and if you don't leave, they throw your possessions to the curb, and threaten to send a bill, and a trash truck, if you don't move it.

So, there you are. If you don't quite understand how a civilized society can reach such levels of depravity, you now have an example. The overlords speak, the minions cower, and the citizens are tyrannized. 

The hearing ended with a motion to end the hearing, and the assurance I would have a written determination shortly. I have a feeling they didn't reduce the assessment. What's worse is that I have no hope there will be one. Public entities have no integrity, and those we elect are only bagmen for those with enough money to buy politicians. 


  1. It's a system with rules and processes - you can only fight it if you know the rules and processes, which, of course, few people do.

    1. If everyone had protested their taxes, a message may have been sent. Too many people I talked to were upset, but quietly accepted what they disagreed with.