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Saturday, April 22, 2023

A Short Trip

 My wife, and I, went for a short trip to try out our new vehicle. In the grand plans of things, and when I was much younger, I'd have hung on to the old one, repaired it as necessary, and kept it for more years. Unfortunately, I'm not young anymore, and the last time I crawled under a vehicle for repairs, I got a leg cramp, panicked when I couldn't straighten my leg out, and probably looked like a spastic as I squirmed out from under the vehicle. That, and a warranty sure makes me feel better. That type of piece of mind is important. 

The trip was good. We didn't go real far, but a stay at a motel was necessary for one night. It was a nice hotel, but waking in the middle of the night to the sound of a severe thunderstorm, hail falling, and the thought my car was out in the weather wasn't pleasant. The three dimples in the hood will require a visit to my friend's body shop on Monday. 

As we were driving home, we encountered a fairly large highway project. The old highway was being widened, so the old shoulder was being milled out, and new pavement being installed. Patches were here and there, and the finished sections had some of the smoothest riding pavement I've encountered. I have to give the contractor a thumbs up. Their work can only be described as quality. I did have some reminders of my past in construction. 

As we approached a group of trucks in the construction zone, I noticed they were blocking the contractor's path in the area behind the cones, three men standing with their hands in their pockets, and immediately knew they were inspectors. That's what I once dealt with daily. Usually, they didn't stay too long, but many times I had to tell them to move their trucks out of the way. 

I did get to drive along some of Houston's new outer loop called the Grand Parkway. It saved a lot of time and prevented a lot of frustration. I will receive a bill in the mail for my pleasant drive, since it's a toll road requiring funds to pay the bureaucrats and politicians. I'm sure they'll keep some of the squander to pay for upkeep, but I'm not counting on it. 

All in all, it was a pleasant, and well deserved, short vacation. Retirement is stressful and sometimes you just have to get away for a few days.


  1. Road trips and getting away even if for a day or two are needed from time to time.
    Glad you had a safe trip; too bad about the hail, but you're insurance should cover that.
    Have a great weekend Jess.

    1. Insurance should cover it, but after looking up some info, the damage repair might fall within my deductible. I'll know on Monday.

  2. "Your" ........... not you're. Dang it!