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Saturday, July 29, 2023

An Experiment in Warfare

In my opinion, the Ukraine war is a huge experiment in modern warfare, weapons, mind control and money. Weapons from every manufacturer is being tested for effectiveness, modifications are already being implemented, huge amounts of money are being made, politicians are enjoying large slush funds, and those being killed are collateral damage. Most of the general public is mostly apathetic, ignorant, deceived into thinking it's a worthwhile cause, or making their share of the money.


  1. Replies
    1. It's disconcerting. As a society, we're supposed to much better.

  2. Yeah,, they are just tuning up the band. Funny how WE the ones who spend more than the next several combined, are the ones out of bullets..

    Gee,Wally, they just keep coming and we're All Outta Bullets ..
    What are we gonna Do,Wally!!??

    Well, Beve, at this point,, we Don't really have a choice.
    We're just gonna hafta Nuke 'em..

    Hmmm,, the old,No Choice trick, eh chief?

    1. Tactical nukes would start a world war. I think that's their goal, but the availability of warm bodies may be scarce. National pride is lacking, and cell phone signals are scarce in a war zone.

  3. Without war, why would we need to ramp up production of artillery shells?

    1. You're right. That, and we can't be good friends unless we constantly give them our surplus to keep lobbyists busy.