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Sunday, July 30, 2023

Daily Mayhem

In the past, it was a rarity to read a local news report about a shooting. Lately, it's a few times a week, and too many times the victim is just a bystander. That, and the photographs of the perpetrators show tattoos that probably don't indicate membership in a church choir. Otherwise, crime (organized and otherwise) is becoming too much of an advocation. It is what it is, but being armed is now how a sane person navigates this section of society. When you add the constant tax grabbing of the community "leaders", living in those cities is really a bad idea. 


  1. Those same leaders seem to want the crime . . . madness.

    1. Without serious crime, the local politicians can't glad-hand their way into a televised press conference. It makes for good 10:00 news and a good spot for the local furniture advertiser.