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Tuesday, June 11, 2024

It's Convenient

 So, Hunter Biden is convicted, and his father says he won't pardon him. Of course he won't, until it's necessary, which is probably somewhere after the next election. During the time leading to the election, Trump will be hounded by those that want him out of the picture, few will realize the law that Hunter was prosecuted for is another chink from the armor of the second amendment, and most will just follow the squirrel. It's all convenient, since the media is doing its best job of ignoring the crimes of the entire Biden family, the subterfuge of Pelosi, and the fact a tremendous amount of law enforcement officials lied about the authenticity of the laptop Hunter dropped off for repair. 


  1. He never said he wouldn't commute the sentence.

    1. You're right. HIs felony convictions can conveniently be reduced to traffic fines.