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Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Two Days of Weather Hoopla

I've been watching what used to be called a low pressure wave cross the Gulf of Mexico. They've happened for a long time, and while some develop into tropical cyclones, others don't and usually bring beneficial rain to the Rio Grande Valley and the East Coast of Mexico. Now they're calling them PTC's, which stands for "Potential Tropical Cyclone".

The weather folks have been salivating for the last two days, speculating on torrential rains along the Gulf coast, warning of dangerous storm surges and filling their expensive time slots with what can only be called excited speculation. At this time, and I doubt it changes much, the Rio Grande Valley of Texas may get some heavy rain, but the rest of the state is only forecast as having a low chance of rain at the coast. If it continues as it has, that chance will drop further, and the weather folks that were giving updates at different coastal locations will be called back to the studio. 

One good thing is the rain is forecast to move up the Rio Grande, continue into New Mexico, and hopefully give those folks some needed rain. I'm sure they'll appreciate it; especially those near Ruidoso, New Mexico fighting a large forest fire. 


  1. Good ol' media...this time it's the weather people...making up crap to suit the scope of their own pea brains...
    PTC my's a tropical depression!

    1. It finally made tropical storm, and they haven't slowed down with the doom, gloom, and outright exuberance of sensationalizing what they don't really understand. This is nothing new, dozens of similar events have happened in my lifetime, and I want to throw a shoe at the television when they make references to climate change.

  2. Humid here. Looking forward to September.

    1. Same here. The humidity sucks the energy out of me when I step out in the morning.