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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Local Shooting

A local sheriff deputy was shot while in the process of transporting a juvenile this morning. Somehow, the 16 year old prisoner took the officer's gun and shot him twice in the chest. After the shooting, a short standoff ended with the prisoner surrendering.

The officer is expected to survive, which is more than good. How the juvenile offender took the gun hasn't been explained, and how the other officers restrained their urge to shoot is beyond me. I don't think I'd been very patient, or had the willingness to allow the obviously "mad dog" young offender to surrender. Then again, I'm not a police officer. That's probably a good thing.


  1. Natures selection, yet again. The stupid people being eliminated.

  2. Yeah, but society would be better served if these young reprobates would successfully compete for the "Darwin Award" by skate boarding on a busy railroad track.