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Friday, January 13, 2012

Sometimes Courtesy Is Unnoticed

As I was driving, I noticed a car was trying to leave the side street on which I planned on turning. I had the feeling they were in a hurry because the nose of the car was almost in the intersection. Usually, this means a driver is pushing to get out and make the turn as soon as possible....but not this time.

I slowed to allow them to turn in either direction. There was plenty of room, so to be courteous, I gave them some more time to make their driving experience more pleasant. They didn't move, so I finally reached the intersection and was forced to either turn, or wait for a group of cars that had just left the traffic light down the road.

As I turned, I examined the car as I passed. The driver, who was huge by any standard was eating an ice cream sundae and chatting with her passengers. There she was, wedged between the steering wheel and seat, that was pushed as far back as possible; conversing and grazing. I wasn't a blip on her radar; ice cream was on her mind. A meteorite could have struck the middle of the hood and she wouldn't have noticed.

I guess I was a little amazed. I like ice cream, but not that much.


  1. Well, I'm sure she would have appreciated it if she had realized she was theoretically driving and wasn't actually in the midst of an ice cream social.

  2. I was a little put out, at first. After considering her size, and the captive passengers, I realized there are forces stronger than puny humans can resist.

  3. At least she wasn't talking on the phone!
    That would have been dangerous!

  4. I would have waved, but it was getting all melty.