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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Orange Vests

Wearing orange vests started with highway work. First it was recommended and then mandated in contracts. It was a good thing, since it does make moving targets more visible; especially at night. (Yeah, I know that sounds cynical, but after hearing a driver tell a trooper he didn't see a crash truck with a bazillion flashing beacons, I don't see the real benefit.) This has expanded to other types of working folks, including workers at retail outlets.

Anyway, I've noticed convenience store workers wearing vests, so I asked a worker about the new apparel. They, too, are mandated to wear the vests, while working outside the store. So now, like me, they can be asked where the PVC glue is found, if they're wearing the vest, while shopping at Lowe's.

You might want to buy one just for kicks. The look on people's faces is priceless, when you tell them PVC glue purchases require a contractor's license, or they stopped selling 2 x 4's..


  1. I don't leave home without it! That, the hard hat, the safety side shields for my glasses, my steel toed shoes, my cotton shirt (Anadarko) or my flame retardant coveralls, my safety harness (to climb a ladder, but never having a safety attachment to hook), the SO2 meter, and I'm sure there's something I forgot.

    I remember reading somewhere that drunks tend to drive straight into the flashing lights of lit up cruisers on the side of the road dispensing justice.

  2. I wear one at work occasionally to keep the hi-lo's from hitting me.

  3. I've heard that. Drunks are the worst thing on the highway at night. Where most people are wary of the dark and cautious, drunks might do anything, including dodging at workers or intentionally knocking down barrels with their vehicle.

    I've called the police on a few drunks. I'll never know if they caught them, or not. The one I know was arrested knocked an old man across the median into the inside lane on the opposite side of the freeway. If my boss hadn't pulled him from his pickup, he would have left the scene.