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Monday, January 2, 2012

Mini Meme

Lee Ann is responsible for this post. It's a meme with the first sentence of the first post of each month for 2011. Since I started in August, I don't have a full year

August -I was told by a friend, a few months ago, that I needed to write more.
September -I've used computers since the mid '80's.
October - This is a view from the cab of a 60 ton rough terrain crane.
November - I was in a lumber store this afternoon and was a little surprised by the ignorance of one of the clerks.
December - The newest news reports have reports of rape, robbery, assaults and other activities in the OWS locations throughout the country.

All in all, I'd say it looks like a conversation with someone with severe ADD or Rain Man.


  1. You ended with mayhem...sounds like a heck of a party!

  2. Hmm, here's mine:
    July - So here we are with a fresh blog.
    August - Here’s a few sites of note for various reasons I’ve bookmarked in the last few days.
    September - (picture only)
    October - (picture only)
    November - Sheesh, terrible week for me.
    December - (videos only)

    Guess I need to work on my initial sentences.

  3. It was a little of a downhill run. Cheerful, guarded optimism at first and ending with rampant crime by a mob. Maybe I need to be more like Aewl and post more photos.