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Monday, March 19, 2012

Something You Should Have and Run

You should have an anti-malware program. There are some really good ones on the web that are free.

 So, why did I write this post? A close relative, after describing a really, really slow computer with memory errors, asked for my help. After running an anti-malware  program, 350 spying critters were found to be running around in her computer. Not only were they slowing down the computer, they were contributing to bandwidth, which costs extra money when the monthly allowance is depleted.

Due to some glitch with Blogger, I can't comment so I'll answer the question.

I use Malwarebytes and Avast. Both are the free versions, which don't have all of the features or support. Still, they're what I need. 

Also, I use Ccleaner to get rid of the garbage Windows accumulates and keep the registry fine tuned. 

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  1. Still running AVG. Ya got a better one? Fess up boy, don't tease us. Give us a name.