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Thursday, April 26, 2012

I guess this post is just for ranting.

Five years ago, I lost my balance while climbing from the tracks of an excavator and hit the ground with my right foot in an unnatural position. The result? A severe sprain, which hurt like hell.

Healing took some time, especially with the "get tough" attitude of the doctor. The first week was bad, but I eventually could hobble around with best of gimps. The worst part was the feeling my ankle was made of jello and any tiny misstep would end in disaster.

It took about six months to have a normal day, but overexertion would end with me limping. Cold weather still causes minor problems and I've never regained the old "give 'em hell" attitude while negotiating any uneven terrain.

So out of the blue, my ankle is bothering me today and I can't think of any reason why, except age, which I can't do anything about.



  1. Sounds like O.L.D. Syndrome....

    Ice packs, Motrin, and Bourbon.

  2. That's the part of getting old that bothers me most. When I was younger, injuries would hurt, heal and go away; only to return now.