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Sunday, April 8, 2012

I Saw It on a Bumper Sticker

I've saw this phrase on a bumper sticker "What Would Jesus Do?"  It made me think, since it's a good question. What would Jesus do? Personally, I think very little. The choices were made long ago and things were set in motion. There is no mandate of faith or service. It's up to you and it's a choice of whether the anarchy of constant war is more important than the hope of constant peace.

What would Jesus do? I really don't know, but I do know there's a simplicity in his teachings that is difficult for most; even those that profess to be continuing his teachings. It's a frame of mind that's only developed by believing there is hope. It's a faith that perseveres even when everything seems lost. A faith that doesn't demand perfection. It only demands acceptance and the willingness to try. That's what makes it so tough. You have a choice and you become responsible.

This responsibility is more than some are willing to accept, or admit is difficult to bear. It's a responsibility that proves we can be weak and petty, which we carry as burdens of failure; burdens some carry until they die, because they never learn they aren't perfect and they can shed the burden when they learn self-forgiveness and start their journey once again.

What would Jesus do? Don't ask him; ask yourself and wait for the answer.

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