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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Super Weather Reporting

We haz it, except it's usually a little behind. In my experience, the warnings arrive around 15 minutes behind the first reports, so they aren't really warnings, although the weather geeks have strange tingling feelings running up their legs while they put on their most concerned face and think of the ratings. So, what they're warning about is probably only warning viewers that neighbors probably lost power 15 minutes ago and never saw the belated warning.

I'm sure some people are helped by the warnings, although I'm thinking many never do, which leads to more technology, more examination of data and more realization that the dynamics of weather make prediction beyond the capbabilities of humans. Still, we try and become less inclined to learn about the basics, which those in the past learned out of necessity.

We've reached the point to where the saying: "Watch the weather." is understood as deciding on what channel, web page, or phone application to examine for the current conditions and radar applets. It used to mean looking up and testing the breeze.

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