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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Loose Lips Sink Ships

The slogan during  WW II was a warning of how comment perceived as innocent could have drastic consequences. Enemies of the United States were looking for any information available to help with their effort to win the war.

Now, it's not so much as "loose lips", its electronic communications. Unsecured email accounts become treasures for anyone looking for information, and the consequences can be deadly. The name of a covert operative may lead to the death of the operative, or worse: their family and friends.

While the problem with Hillary Clinton's unsecured email server, with the unsecured messages, is being downplayed, the possibility that important information regarding the safety of taxpayers was frivolously placed for anyone with skills to retrieve.

What are the consequences? First, every email sent to Hillary Clinton, or sent by Hillary Clinton, may now be readily available to those that are willing to kill innocent people to promote their cause. To add insult to injury, every bit of top secret information accessible by the State Department can now only be assumed to be compromised.

So, now what happens? The usual song and dance has started, but the realization of the problems is just now becoming apparent to the general public. While many may think it's only an inconvenience, those that may have their lives destroyed, or have family members killed due to the incompetence, will hardly call their live changing experiences "inconvenient".

Meanwhile, the Attorney General is sitting on her hands. Her loyalty is obviously for a political ideology, instead of the safety of those that trusted the government to protect them from harm.


  1. It's not even the name, it's the info that leads to the name.
    When only so many have certain info or have been privy to a meeting, when the contents become public, it narrows the identity of the source.
    Hillary is by implication, as guilty as Snowden.
    Given her position, perhaps more so.

    1. I'm going to write a post on what I'm feeling about this subject.