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Monday, August 24, 2015

What Do You Think?

In the news, the reports say Joe Biden went to meet with Elizabeth Warren over the weekend. This fueled much speculation, since Joe did so while Obama was on vacation, nobody really knows what the meeting was about, and all this happened right after China screwed with world markets. My only question is: Did anyone know Joe was out and about without supervision?

It's a crazy world today, but I'm only pointing out the obvious.


  1. I have a hunch that the main reason Obama is still in office is that the thought of President Biden was too horrifying. Toss Warren into the mix and I'm kind of scared.

    1. I remember the hype of Walter Mondale and his backers. In the end, he only won Washington D.C. and his home state.

      The media may think people are stupid, but they seldom are. Greedy, lazy and willing to sacrifice morals for some money? There's definitely too many like that, but if you look closely, most live around the nation's capitol.

  2. There are many who believe Joe had a stroke like event that left him the way he is.

  3. I thought it was just an impromptu meeting for their local Indian Guides chapter.