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Friday, August 28, 2015

Return of the Birds

No, not the movie. Migration is starting, so the hummingbirds, and other migratory birds, are appearing. I like that. It amazes me things so tiny can brave thousands of miles of travel, survive, and do it multiple times.

I'll keep the feeders full and enjoy the show.


  1. Are the birds arriving in your area earlier than usual? I've noticed flocks of geese headed south lately - 6 to 8 weeks ahead of schedule. They usually only do that ahead of a really bad winter.

  2. It's hard to tell, but we've had a front that lowered the humidity and dropped the temperatures around 10 degrees. That's early for here.

  3. I've heard the you guys up in your area get a massive influx of hummingbirds before their migration. I'll bet that is really something to see. Our own hummingbird population increases here too, but nothing like your section of the Gulf Coast.

  4. I've never had many, but heard some people have dozens at one time.