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Monday, January 23, 2017


I noticed many of the protesters on Saturday were wearing hats that looked like someone skinned "Hello Kitty", or were full face masks shaped like a vagina, with the generally unattractive woman's face in the middle. While I'm sure they found the hats had some significance, they made me wonder.

What do you think would be the response if men decided they needed to flaunt their solidarity by wearing penis hats? Would the media be so willing to show them on television? Would people automatically accept what some consider insulting? Would there be a world wide show of solidarity with millions donning caps with penises and marching in the streets, or standing around cheering, while some trash cans burn.

Personally, I wonder about the mind set that finds being described as a pussy as desirable. I know how I'd feel if someone called me a dickhead.


  1. I fail to understand why those women found it necessary to protest. They live in a country where women have a better life than anywhere else. Many women live where they are not allowed to drive, to leave the home without a male escort, are forced to be covered head to toe, where husbands are encouraged to beat their wives and where women and girls can be and are killed for any real or imagined act of dishonor to any male member of the household. Makes the recent Washington protest look like no more than a bunch of spoiled women in silly hats. (Kicking my soapbox back into a corner now.)

    1. In their minds, that's different, because they don't want to think about such things.